Fall Ball 2022

What is Fall Ball?

The Fall Ball season is more ‘laid-back’ than the Spring season; there are no standings kept in any division. Fall Ball is a great time to develop as a player. Each team will play one Sunday game per week and may have optional practices. Games have variable start times between 9am and 4pm. No requests for a certain time (or to not have a certain time) are accepted.

We strongly encourage players who are moving to a new division next spring to “play up” in the fall. For example, if your player was League Age 8 and played MAPS this past spring, they should register for Double A (kid pitch) in the fall.

We use the following spring’s Age Chart to determine League Age for the Fall Ball season. There are no tryouts for Fall Ball.

Want to sign up? Click "register" (white button near top right of website) and follow the prompts from there. Registration for Fall Ball 2022 is open July 1 - August 15, 2022.

Questions/concerns? Email [email protected]

**PLEASE NOTE: We collect and verify documents for proof of residency each spring, which covers Fall Ball. The system will require you to upload images for residency verification. Anything you upload for Fall Ball is fine but know we will be strict regarding residency verification in the spring as usual.
ALSO: There is a $20 cancellation fee for players who are withdrawn before the draft occurs. No refunds will be given after teams are drafted.**

2022 Fall Ball - ROOKIES

Rookies is open to players league ages 5-7.  League age 7-year olds who played Tee Ball in Spring 2022 should play Single A.  In Rookies, a soft “RIF” (Reduced Injury Factor) ball is used. Pitching is not permitted (the ball is batted from a tee). 

2022 Fall Ball – SINGLE A

Single A is open to league ages 7-9.  League age 7-year olds who played FARM in Spring 2022 should play Single A.  League age 9-year olds who played in MAPS in Spring 2022 should play Double A.

Single A players will experience more traditional baseball playing conditions including risk/reward base running and getting 3 outs or scoring 5 runs to end each half of an inning. A pitching machine will be utilized at this level set at 40 mph. Players will receive 5 hittable pitches before they strike out. There are no tees or walks in this division. A regulation hard little league baseball will be used. A coach from each team will be responsible for running the pitching machine and umpiring the game.

2022 Fall Ball – DOUBLE A

Double A is open to league ages 9-11.  Players who played Minor B in Spring 2022 should play Double A.  League age 11-year olds who played Minor A in Spring 2022 should play Triple A.  Players in this division will face player pitching off the mound, called balls/strikes and further development of baseball fundamentals.  The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond and the pitching distance is 46 feet.

New for 2022 in Double A ONLY: The first 7 games will be played as regular games. The final three games of the season will be Speed Ball. What is Speed Ball?

  • Teams of 5 players (if needed, teams may be redistributed for Speed Ball to ensure correct numbers).

  • 3 Teams playing at once - one hitting, one "infield priority" and one "outfield priority"

  • Nobody sits the bench on defense; only when your team is hitting and you are not up. 

  • The pitcher warms up the inning before they are about to pitch instead of playing the outfield. Then when the inning ends, they walk to the mound and start immediately; there are no warm ups between innings.

  • There is an older catcher (middle school/HS) who is paid to catch the entire game who can also double as a plate umpire. 

  • If the pitcher walks 3 kids in one inning, the coach comes in to pitch

  • There is a home run line established in the outfield by cones that is intended to yield 4-6 HR per game (Because HR = fun!!!)  . The distance is adjusted based on the age/skill level of the division. 

  • Participation in the three weeks of Speed Ball is optional and highly encouraged, as more reps mean greater development.

  • Additional details will be provided closer to the Speed Ball games.

2022 Fall Ball – TRIPLE A

Triple A is open to league ages 11-13.  League age 11-year olds who played Minors A in Spring 2022 should play Triple A.  League age 12-year olds who played in Intermediate in Spring 2022 should play Triple A.  At this level, coaches focus on helping players continue to develop and perfect their fundamental and tactical baseball skills on a larger field (50/70).  Lead off base stealing is allowed. The Triple A may compete with other District 32 teams.

2022 Fall Ball - JUNIORS

Juniors is open to league ages 13-14.  The Juniors Division may compete with other District 32 Junior League teams. The games are played locally on a larger field (60/90). Juniors division allows lead offs and metal cleats.

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